Then it’s time to be rewarded for your efforts – by accreditation to The Green Initiative

How could your customers, suppliers and your staff be 100% aware of the efforts you are committed to to be a more sustainable company?  Your efforts to recycle cardboard, platsic, coffee granules, glass etc.  ALL deserve credit.  Waste & Recycling waste is the No 1 public perception of Sustainability.  Its the most tangible in terms of see it, touch it and feel the effects.   Yes large companies talk E.S.G, Net Zero and sustainability – creating a level of smoke & mirrors to what really is the power game.  RECYCLING and being better with waste seperation and recycling IS the most tangible for the general public.  Staff are demainding we do better.  The Public are demanding it and in most tenders and supply contracts now, there are stronger demands made to ensure waste is managed more efficiently and recycling rates are raised.

Sustainability and being sustainable changes costs positively downwards, through efficiency.  It can also be a really positive and rewarding  experience.  Especially if you can effeciently and effectively comminicate your achievements via a link on every email, every tender, on your vehicles, Social Media and your invoices.  That is what accreditation to The Green Inititiative achieves.    

The fact is IF YOU RECYCLING YOUR WASTE  – WHO KNOWS?  It’s something to be rightly proud of and share, positively.  Especially with the backdrop of current bad news being easy to find.  Good news is in short supply and the Green Initiative provides the perfect mechanism to share the results and rewards of your efforts.