We are often asked which accreditation is the right accreditation and the answer may appear complicated, but is in reality straightforward.  The one that is the most benefit to your business and the environment.  

The attention to ESG, Net Zero & Carbon Neutral/reduction schemes and even BS14001 schemes all have their place.  The question is why would one scheme fit all?  The fact is they don’t.  No one scheme is THE scheme, any more than one ‘vehicle’ is the only vehicle.  Each has their place and how widely understood each is and the scope of that scheme is important. 

Ask most people what Carbon Neutral is and you will invariably get a wide range of varying replies.  BS14001 is a process that few colleagues and customers understand, or relate to, but it is a great process to operate by and none-the less valid.   

ESG (Environmental, social, and governance) investing is used to screen investments based on corporate policies and to encourage companies to act responsibly. A gamut of responsibilities, that due to the complexities involved are the attention of large companies.  However, with large schemes invariably comes dilution, complexity and misunderstanding. Canvass your local shopping centre what ESG means to them and you will be assured of a blank look!   

The Green Initiative is a marketing tool to promote your commitment to waste & recycling now…….today.  Not a commitment to 2035 which is Net Zero.  We need to act NOW and doing so deserves the ability to market the actions and communicate them effectively and easily to your entire business community efficiently and quickly.  That is the purpose of The Green Initiative.  Colleagues, customers and supply chain all see those efforts and can make an informed decision on partnering with your business, based on your environmental responsibilities.   Whether that is by working for you, or buying from you or becoming a supplier. 

In conclusion we believe there is no one accreditation scheme that covers all businesses.  However, some may require 2 or 3 schemes that cover the immediacy and the long term objectives.  Of course, cost is a key factor.  Most require a substantial time investment and then once implemented a further resource to continue for compliance and then marketing.  The Green Initiative covers every base for £199.00 P/annum including Social Media updates for each site accredited.