What is The Green Initiative?

The cornerstone of every business that considers itself a green business is it’s sustainable approach.  From procurement and it’s supply chain to the responsible recycling of their waste streams. But environmental commitment should not be your best kept secret.

The Green Initiative© rewards that commitment by providing incredibly powerful tools and marketing resources.  Resources normally only available to companies with big budgets.

For just £269.00 (then £199.00 p/annum) The Green Initiative provides Instantly recognisable branding so that with every email you send, every letter, every invoice, or your Social media post, your sustainable approach is shared with your colleagues, suppliers and customers. You even get a dedicated web page profiling your green achievements on the Green Initiative website.

Our journey with you continues and we provide ongoing Social Media, recycling updates & tips to cement your commitment as we all head towards Net Zero.

The Green Initiative provides a powerful & feel good vibe through every communication and every interaction of your business.

Being good deserves to feel good

There are 3 types of accreditation:

Green – Self-Certification

Year 1 – £269.00 (including the Media Pack) then £199.00 Annually. Every business can achieve this. A mission statement for your waste objectives will be required (we will help you with this) and a commitment to achieving it. Whether you are a small sandwich van or shopping centre.

Photo of The Green Initiative Accreditation On A Website

Gold – Audited Accreditation

£199.00 + VAT. Following on from your Green accreditation, it is generally a goal for all green accredited members to move on to Gold accreditation. Annual accreditation is the same as green, however the proven & ongoing commitement is now proven.

Centre of Green Excellence

Having completed 2 x successful audits you can apply to become a Centre of Green Excellence.

There is no fee for becoming a Centre of Green Excellence, only a proven and ongoing commitment.