Whilst many businesses are doing their best to be greener the key missing factors that really determine their efforts (and their financial savings) is knowledge and promotion.  99% of those involved with procurement, management and actually dealing with waste streams have little more than domestic waste knowledge and no formal training.  Most of their knowledge comes from the processes and the actual doing, put in place by their waste carriers over many years and internet research. 

Gradually better knowledge has filtered down that certain waste streams can actually provide rebates and better separation can reduce waste costs. However, this is only the start and there are many lost opportunities that businesses can benefit from with a little knowledge and The Green Initiative. 

Customers are becoming more demanding and discerning.  In recent surveys, it has been established that the general public are increasingly demanding that their chosen businesses or shops they will do business with are to be greener and better for our environment.  It’s certainly a differentiating factor. 

Through accreditation to The Green Initiative, quite apart from all the benefits of marketing your own green credentials, we provide the key ingredients missing to shape up and substantially better environmental policy.  For example – A waste & recycling Mission Statement that the Company (your colleagues and suppliers) can easily view and buy into.  We also provide details of sustainable new products, equipment, stationery, and supplies and get your supply chain to buy into your green objectives. 

The most important facet is that all communications your business has are branded under the umbrella of The Green Initiative.  Instantly recognisable and unmissable branding demonstrating your commitment to recycling and being a responsible operator.  Examples include Plaques for your entrance, and reception, window stickers, vehicle stickers and electronic ‘seals’ that are featured on your website, emails and receipts/invoices.  Literally unmissable.  Then of course there is the ongoing Social Media provided.  An invaluable supply of good news – sadly in short supply at the moment!   

Most importantly, every company have their own dedicated page on The Green Initiative website, profiling your green commitment, your mission statement and how you are working to protect the environment.  Best of all, more recycling is intrinsically linked to cost savings and picking up more business as a result!

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