There is no doubt that business in general are trying to be more sustainable and making huge efforts to reduce waste costs and implement better waste seperation.  But there are also many that for a variety of reasons are not.   How do you ensure your efforts are not your best kept secret?

Until now proving your businesses green credentials is expensive and a big commitment.  This involves creating a brand, logos, stories, Social Media etc. That takes a resource not only to set up, but to maintain.

The costs of promoting anything are expensive, but that has changed.  A collective, by definition reduces costs.  Committed to being greener and as a collective has to be a good thing.   That’s common and business good sense.  Sharing a huge brand identity that is easily identifiable, heavily marketing and supported, such as The Green Initiative is, enables large scale promotion at micro budget level.  

Put simply, if you can create a brand, manage it, market it and provide the tools to support and market it for £199.00 each year –  you don’t need The Green Initiative.  We need you!