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Mission Statement:

Well Hung Hangers are committed to never using plastics, or metal, or anything that might damage our eco-system.  Any carbon created during the manufacturing of our tooling and moulds is offset through the various carbon-offsetting projects that our partner companies support.

Well Hung® Hangers are made using the discarded parts of a wheat grain harvest. Wheat straw is a type of edible grain and unlike plastics, wheat straw is not made from fossil fuels.  They are biodegradable, BPA free, FDA approved, Food Safe Certified, gluten free, have natural anti-bacterial/anti-odour properties and contain no melamine or formaldehyde.  By utilising this waste, we are providing a great zero-waste alternative and supporting our farmers by providing them with additional income for a discarded crop that would otherwise just be burnt, which would release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 

As we create more new and innovative uses for bioplastics like wheat straw, we can prevent more single-use petrol-based plastics from littering our landfills as oceans, as well as drastically reduce the amount of CO2 damaging our atmosphere.

We are fully committed to supporting our partner companies Core Mission to “protect the oceans from plastic pollution”, and to plant new trees with every sale, and donate a % of profit to protect sea life.


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We are commited to the following green initiatives.

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We are committed to a greener future, are you?

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