Rolling Stock Yard – London



Valid until

1st December 2023


Rolling Stock Yard
188 York Way
N7 9AS


Mission Statement:

The mission of Savills, Managing Agents of Rolling Stock Yard is to do everything we reasonably can do to protect the environment and promote recycling in order to ensure a safe and healthy community for current and future generations.  This commitment is demonstrated by committing to Net Zero at the earliest possible opportunity.

Savills are a responsible employer.  Our environmental responsibilities are of paramount importance.  Through the implementation and ongoing management and Sustainability plan and our commitment to Net Zero, we are committed and looking to achieve Net Zero as soon as we possibly can.


Eliska Hyzdalova

Building Manager  

We are commited to the following green initiatives.

  Cardboard / paper

   Mixed recycling


Office recycling bins
Plastic bottles

We are committed to a greener future, are you?

Being good deserves to feel good