Guildhall Shopping & Dining

40 High Street

Gold Centre of Excellence

Valid until:
20th February 2023

Mission Statement:

Guildhall Shopping & Dining sets the very highest standards for our customers and tenants.  We are proud to have set the benchmarks in terms of our waste practices and sustainability goals for many years culminating in being awarded  the first shopping centre in the UK being a ‘Centre of Green Excellence’ in 2019.

We will continue to drive these standards in all aspects of our waste disposal ensuring we are operating best practise and working closely with our suppliers, tenants and customers to ensure these standards are maintained moving forwards.

How we manage our waste:

In one year (2021) we handled and processed nearly a ton of waste per day from the Centre, with achieving over 57% recycled actually on-site.

With the footfall over 11 million in 2021 and a 93% occupancy rate of Tenant Units our waste streams consisted of Glass 18.2%,  Cardboard (baled) 21.03%  Food Waste 14.70%.   

The remaining non recyclable general waste is in turn used as refuse derived fuel, creating electricity.

Only 1.11% (skip waste, demolition type material) left us as non recyclable or non RDF material, but has been used locally as hardcore, with any wood and metal being salvaged by the contractor.

We are always looking at the next innovation or recyclable product with our Partner TWG Services, and aim to continue to be a Centre of Green Excellence for many years to come.


Recycling and Enviromental  Representive:
Chris Tyler Short – Operations Manager

Andrew McNeilly, Centre Manager and Chris Short, Operations Manager of Guildhall Shopping & Dining Exeter receiving the Gold Seal and Centre of Green Excellence plaques following 2 successful waste audits

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