Welcome to The Green Initiative©  The UK’s ONLY accreditation scheme for businesses committing to being greener and more sustainable through efficient management of their waste streams as we head towards Net Zero.

If you see these accreditations -  they are committed to being a greener business.

From just £199.00 + VAT P/annum for Green Membership accreditation you can shout about your efforts to be a green business.  On all emails, letterheads, website, menus, stationery, envelopes etc
(Digital seals are provided)

Guildhall Shopping & Dining -  Exeter.  Awarded The Green Initiative Gold accreditation having demonstrated their commitment to efficient waste and sustainability.  


Why become accredited to The Green Initiative?
If you are doing your best to recycle and be sustainable, there is no point in it being the best kept secret. TGI provides the mechanism to shout about your efforts providing an instantly recognisable brand identity on all emails, your website, brochures, vehicles and your building.
What is involved?

Accreditation starts with the GREEN accreditation – Self Certification. For £269.00 including the full Media Pack. Then anually £199.00.  Its a really simple 2 minute application. We will do the rest! It’s that easy.

Do we get a dedicated profile page on The Green Initiative Website?

Yes. As part of your accreditation your company gets a unique and tailor made page on TGI website that profiles your efforts, waste Mission Statement and sustainability commitment. Don’t worry – if you currently don’t have these, we will help you.

It is this page that the ‘seal’ on all your emails, you website and Social Media link to to show your sustainability commitments.

We are ‘green’ already. Why bother with accreditation?

Great! Being green is a good thing, but let’s shout about it and get your clients, suppliers and colleagues on-board and get the recognition you deserve! Really smart seals and badges on your stationery, website, emails etc helps spread the word about the efforts you have made to be greener with your waste.

How does accreditation save us money?

Being greener with your waste is generally cheaper because separated waste can have values for recycling, rebates and even free collection. As part of your membership we will provide tips and advice on how to reduce waste costs and achieve better recycling rates.

Will accreditation help with government legislation?

Every business is tasked with reducing it’s carbon footprint and increase recycling rates. The Green Initiative is not about legislation, but about the ability to feel good and provide the tools and mechanism to promote your green effort to the world that you ARE doing what you can and are committed to continuing to do so – ongoing. We provide the platform to enable you to easily spread the word and learn how to enhance your process.

How do you shout about us?

Through a wide range of assets we enable you to use through accreditation. Ranging from digital assets, like seals on your stationery, email footers, menus, website etc through to flags, banners, door stickers, wall plaques, mugs and all are only available to accredited members.

How much time does it take from us to get accredited?

Typically from 5 – 10 working days.

Everyone knows our type of business is not very green, so why bother?

Every bit helps. Especially when those who are not normally associated with being green make efforts to change their business practises.

We are already ISO 14001 Approved.

Uniquely, The Green Initiative is specifically tailored around your waste practises and waste is a principle focus of sustainability and in particular – costs. So becoming accredited to The Green Initiative will help reduce costs and enable your efforts to be rewarded!