Solent Powder Finishers Ltd

Units 2 – 3, Brookwood Industrial Estate, Brookwood Ave, Eastleigh, SO50 9EY

Accreditation to
The Green Initiative

Solent Powder Finishers are a long established family business providing commercial powder coating to manufacturers. Based in Eastleigh, Hampshire, the questions regarding waste recycling and sustainability were cropping up ever more frequently. Not only did these come from potential clients, but also their existing customers.
Managing Director Helen Hume explained “the regularity we are asked about our sustainability and recycling was increasing and the detail of the answers they required was getting more involved”. Committed for many years to being as sustainable as possible and recycling, SPF wanted a simple and effective way to address these concerns. It was important to communicate to all of their customers, suppliers, and colleagues about their commitment whilst showing what they are actually doing.

“Good news and PR is in short supply….”

“We chanced upon The Green Initiative by receiving another accreditees email with the seal on” Helen explained. “Instantly it told me that this company was serious about their commitment. The name and branding of The Green Initiative on their email was clear. So we signed up and a few weeks later we were demonstrating the same commitment and spreading the word with everything we do. It’s even going on our invoices”.

Simple and effective

These are tough times and every advantage is crucial. Being committed to recycling and sustainability is a pre-requisite for not only the environment, but businesses too, especially significant for tenders and supply agreements. The Green Initiative provides the mechanism to demonstrate that commitment and how your waste is managed and dealt with, simply and effectively.

Helen Hume, Managing Director, Solent Powder Finishers Ltd

“We are proud of our sustainability efforts but had no way of telling our customers and suppliers. Now we shout about them on every email, invoice and letter. Even on our van.”

Helen Hume

Managing Director, Solent Powder Finishers Ltd

Cardboard / paper
Mixed recycling
Recycled packaging
Office recycling bins
Waste equipment
Waste separation
Wood / metal
Plastic bottles
Recycled coffee granules

The cornerstone of every business that considers itself a green business is its sustainable approach. From procurement and it’s supply chain to the responsible recycling of their waste streams. But environmental commitment should not be your best kept secret.

The Green Initiative© rewards that commitment by providing incredibly powerful tools and marketing resources. Resources normally only available to companies with big budgets.

For just £199.00 p/annum and the Media Pack (£69.50) – The Green Initiative provides Instantly recognisable branding so that with every email you send, every letter, every invoice, or your Social media post, your sustainable approach is shared with your colleagues, suppliers and customers. You even get a dedicated web page profiling your green achievements on the Green Initiative website.

The Green Initiative provides a powerful & feel-good vibe through every communication and every interaction of your business.

Solent Powder Finishers Ltd have all the tools to really promote their green credentials and answer in detail their clients and tender requests.

The Green Initiative© rewards our commitment by providing incredibly powerful tools and marketing resources. Resources normally only available to companies with big budgets.


For just £199.00* p/annum