Name: 40 Argyle Street – London


40 Arglye Street

Green Accreditation

Valid until:
1st April 2023

Mission Statement:

40 Argyle Street (Colliers) Waste Statement

We understand, now more than ever, understand our waste streams and the importance of being in control of all our waste streams.

We have adopted recognised waste seperation methods to better manage our waste.

We are committed to ensuring that we push for both better sustainability and cost control for our tenants, in equal measures.  We are working hard to ensure we control costs for our tenants and that we have the correct processes in place and that we monitor and change and adapt better processes, should they become available.

Our waste carriers and suppliers work to our carefully defined sustainable processes, not the other way round.

All our processes are defined to each individual building or site, according to the tenant mix, the site facilities and the staff operating the processes.


Sustainability Representative:

Stuart Gray  – Building Manager