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1st January 2024


30 North Colonnaide
Canary Wharf
E14 5GP

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Mission Statement:

30 North Colonnade (Helix) Waste Statement

 We at 30 North Colonnade understand the importance of segregating waste streams at source and the impact that not doing this can have on our planet and its environment.

Understanding how to control waste and having a full knowledge of the waste cycle journey is of high importance to us.

We are constantly refreshing our training and knowledge in this field to ensure we are capable of managing our waste fully and are prepared to adapt to any changes required to improve our results.

We engage regularly with Canary Wharf waste management department to review their data on us in particular and Canary Wharf in general to ensure anomalies are identified and understood.

We engage regularly with our tenants to ensure that Waste Management is a priority on any agenda.

Our waste carriers are carefully selected to ensure their priorities and values align with ours.

Processes and procedures are constantly reviewed to ensure current legislation and targets are being met.

We strive to become a centre of Green Excellence and will be independently audited to achieve and maintain this standard.



Eric  Wandner

Property & Engineering Manager 

We are commited to the following green initiatives.

  Cardboard / paper

   Mixed recycling


Recycled packaging

Office recycling bins
Waste equipment
Waste separation
Plastic bottles
Recycled coffee granules

We are committed to a greener future, are you?

Being good deserves to feel good