Its a huge word SUSTAINABLE.   What does it really mean to most businesses?

We all have our own idea as to what sustainable means, but when businesses talk about their sustainability, what does it really mean?  

Interestingly, a gamut of different things it appears!  Waste & Recycling waste is the No 1 public perception of Sustainability.  Its the most tangible in terms of see it, touch it and feel the effects.  Energy is No 2 and because it is the easiest to get right, it is pushed to the top of many companies agendas. 

However, sustainability should be an ‘all emcompassing’ process.  This process involves the staff, and your supply chain, what and how your business is supplied, by what type of vehicles, how often etc.  Sustainability and being sustainable changes costs positively downwards, through efficiency.  It can also be a really positive and rewarding  experience.    

 The fact is, many businesses are already working hard to achieve a more sustainable operation.  Most rightly focus on the products they are supplied and how  they dispose of that waste and their recycling rates as a % of all their waste.  Sadly however, these recycling rates are often not related to the individual businesses recycling rates, but are reported as those of the waste carrier’s local recycling facility they took the waste to.  We regulalry take calls from companies that say they worked really hard over many months to change their recycling and seperation processes only for their recycling rates to remain unchanged.   This explains why.