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1st October 2023


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Mission Statement:

The mission of The Rank Group PLC is to do everything we reasonably can do to protect the environment and promote recycling in order to ensure a safe and healthy community for current and future generations.  This commitment is demonstrated by committing to Net Zero at the earliest possible opportunity.

We are committed to working with experts and like-minded suppliers throughout the The Rank Group PLC portfolio of companies who embrace our commitment and help utilise their expertise to achieving Net Zero.

This will be achieved across the following:

  1. The Procurement and supplier partnerships we forge, to encourage the application of recyclable supplies and products that have less damaging impact on the environment.  We also encourage multi-use packaging for supplies, such as tea, coffee, cooking oils, cutlery etc and where possible recycle all end products.

2. Better separation of all our waste streams at source, enabling rebates and recycling at every feasible opportunity.   This specifically include our waste food going for Anaerobic digestion for energy recovery,  cardboard recycling, glass separation and recycling and  ensuring we are not sending any waste to Landfill.

 3. Ensuring our colleagues in every part of the business fully understand and share our commitment to Net Zero and through accreditation to recognised Green Schemes, their individual and collective efforts have a considerable positive effect and impact on our Net Zero goal.

 4. Encouraging multi-use products and actively engaging with our suppliers, at both ends of the procurement process looking for new ideas, innovation and better recycling opportunities.   This includes reducing paper usage, printing unnecessarily, plastic bottles, all packaging materials, coffee grounds etc

5. Making sure we are also looking at our Carbon Footprint by reducing heavy vehicle movements, for deliveries and waste collections ensuring only those that are absolutely necessary and carried out, rather than scheduled collections.

The Rank Group PLC is a responsible employer.  Our environmental responsibilities are of paramount importance.  Through the implementation and ongoing management of this plan and our commitment to Net Zero, we are committed and remain dedicated to one goal – Net Zero. 


John O’Leary 

Chief Executive Officer 

We are commited to the following green initiatives.

  Cardboard / paper

   Mixed recycling


Office recycling bins
Plastic bottles

We are committed to a greener future, are you?

Being good deserves to feel good